Who’s Who

All the important people in my life and just a little reference point in case y’all get confused on who the hell I’m talking about.


Mum, Mom, Mooma, Gillian.



The woman who frustrates me the most, but still has the answers for everything I could ever want. She is kind, maternal, wise, vain and enjoys super lame movies. She passed on her “expensive” gene to me and is the person I can thank for my love of clothing and all things lovely. She’s tough when she needs to be, but knows when to sit back and let you cry on her lap for a good hour.

Dad, Pappy, Pops, Esteban, Stephen.


The number one man in my life, despite that I have so many. He’s taught me to appreciate the highest quality of the fine arts. Films like Clueless, shows like Daria and books like One Thousand and One Nights. As I once described his cooking skills to a friend, “he’s like a southern woman with a flair for gourmet dishes.” He’s got a hot fire temper that deflates quicker than a balloon. Despite that, alongside my mother, he’s the one who taught me reason.

Roopoo, Andy, Droid, Android, Andrew


Without a doubt, my eldest brother is the most intelligent human I have ever met. Despite his lack of ability to sometimes converse as any normal person would, he refrains from being too condescending. He’s a wonderful teacher and you literally couldn’t do anything that would make him bat an eye. He’s genuine and soft and the least judgemental.

Marcy, Carcus, Mucus, Marcus


The one person who could say the world’s meanest thing to me (and vice versa) but still my bestest pal within the next 20 minutes. The most over protective brother, which comes across fairly strong at times, but hearing “call me if you need a ride” every time you leave the house is always comforting. He’s not afraid to beat me to a pulp for a good time, but when he’s hating me his favourite phrase becomes “if you were a dude I would punch you so hard right now”.

Deeds, Daney Pants, Danes, Dana


The dorkiest kid I know with the most loyal of followings. He’s quick witted and the most goober of a dancer within the confines of our home. His mood swings are drastic, but despite whatever mood he’s in, he tends to be a general “people pleaser”. He can dish out a lot of bullshit, but he’s also super good at taking it back.

Abey, Label, Squishy, Abel

The biggest weirdo with the softest heart. Even though he spends a lot of his time picking on me, I still get treated like a princess. He’s fascinated with the world around him; like many more people need to be. He might be the best looking person you’ll ever meet, and I feel very lucky to call him mine.

Livo, Olly, Olive, Olivia.


What would I do without someone who says the shit that she does? She encourages me to do both good and bad things, she encourages me to take risks and be reckless. She’s not afraid to be a glittery fairy. And even though we sometimes both find it hard to see the good things in life, she’ll always remind me what is beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Who’s Who

  1. Just put both my babies down for a nap and in the very little spare time I had I just stumbled across this blog on Pinterest. What are the odds. I love you beautiful. You are so intelligent and such an incredible writer 🌹Rhi x

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