I’m a 23 year old writer who just completed a double degree in Journalism and Creative Writing. Currently saving my pennies and about to embark on a journey across the United States with my lover, Abel.

I’m extremely passionate about plenty of unusual things like mermaids, otters, figs, “Pulp Fiction”, and the ways in which my books are placed on my shelf. I’m an aspiring fiction writer, editor and/or travel journalist–whichever gets the better of me.

Being the offspring from an American father and an Australian mother, I’m lucky enough to hold two citizenships. I was born and raised, until the age of 12, in Fairfield, Connecticut and then my family uprooted and moved back to New South Wales. While, yes, I have looked back many times and longed for the orange foliage of a New England autumn and the snow fall of a white Christmas, Australia has primarily developed as my home and not something I could run away from so easily.

For now, this blog remains as a mere portfolio of the average work I produce and just a means for “getting it all out there”. Most likely consisting of ridiculous anecdotes, rantings and weird love letters written to my pink stuffed walrus.

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