Here I am, Annika Tague, on my laptop, logged into my WordPress account in order to write this post that I am currently writing. While yes, this site is for bloggers, it’s still within the realm of social media. A world and space that today, we are so deeply immersed in, we forget  it is considered it’s own entity from our real world.

It is a world in which we can choose who we want to be, because we can present ourselves in a very particular way. Our faults don’t have to leak through into this space if we don’t want them to. We have the power to be whatever version of ourselves we like best. And this seems to alter per platform.

Facebook Annika is different to Tumblr Annika who is very, very different to Instagram Annika. They’re all me, but different arteries that supply blood to the same beating heart.

“A personal brand, or brand, in the traditional sense is based on values. It basically means an ensemble of content that we communicate about ourselves, that defines and differentiates us.” (Makkai 2016, p. 101) This is what we do. We create a personal brand for a certain set of audiences. As individuals using social media, we allow certain people to view our different pages. My mother follows me on Instagram. My father has me on Facebook (however, I blocked him from seeing anything I post directly)– neither of them have access to my Tumblr page. Although, there are links on this WordPress account, which I know they have access to, so who really knows what they’ve seen or know about me, hey? Regardless, these spaces are affected by the audiences we allow them to have and the indirect ways that we show our essence.

Over the years, I have added different social media platforms to my ‘collection’ and they have shaped me and the way I present myself through them, and I have allowed myself to shape these pages. It is within these spaces that I communicate myself to a predetermined audience. Privacy settings have allowed me to choose who I share content with and the ways they interact with my posts.

I am me underneath one huge social media umbrella, but it is within each platform that I present a dissected version of myself.



Makkai, J. (2016). Personal Branding of Contemporary Novelists in the Digital Age. Journal of Media Research, 9, 2(25), pp.100-105.

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