Aside from Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram, I maintain space in other online platforms: Twitter, Pinterest, etc. But none of these stake a major role in my social media world.

My social media platforms all come together and show my audiences who I am (on the internet). They allow strangers to gain a preconceived idea of who I am and how I present myself. Looking at my Facebook, you’ll see a fairly true version of myself, but mildly toned down. My Tumblr will reflect my brain patterns; colours, images, texts that all resonate with my personality and supply you with a visual version of this. And my Instagram, will provide you with snippets and the highlights of my life. You won’t find the every day, mundane shit on here that you might find on (some peoples’) Facebook.

The way we interact with our audiences and content differs per media platform. That’s what’s so special about putting yourself online… you can do it accordingly.

I said I present a certain dissection of myself on each platform and that’s true, it may cross over, because hey, I am only one person– but I control my media spaces.

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