Hello fellow BCM210 students and teachers. You’ve asked me to write about how I connect curiosity to learning. For me, it’s not really one specific event that helps me understand this connection, but rather the way I have made my way through life.

As the youngest girl of four, with three elder brothers, I have always been curious– although that’s not what my brothers and parents refer to it as, I think they prefer the word “nosy”. Not only did I live my life constantly asking questions about everything, but I liked to sit back and listen. If my parents hosted or attended a dinner party, and kids were involved, I didn’t always play with the other kids. I sat happily next to my mother or father and listened in on the adults’ conversations. I took note of the way they reacted to things happening in their lives, their social conduct, the things they found funny and the things they did not. It’s not only until now that I understand where a lot of my social knowledge has come from. I remember taking in things just as they were- I questioned things, in my head but also aloud to my parents in the privacy of our own home. But, I always tried to understand and accept the truism of everything presented to me.

I’ve always loved to read. Whether it was books or magazines around the house, if I was bored, I read, and I learned. I remember coming across an old magazine of my mother’s and there was feature article about a young trans girl who underwent a sex-change and who was now happily engaged as a man, to another woman. In the interview, he talked about how he never felt like a little girl, even as a six year old. He always felt like he didn’t belong in his own skin. At the age of 9, I accepted that. I understood that he couldn’t help the way he had felt, and that it was a battle for him to try and accept who he was and make a change in order to be happy. I thought he was brave. As I got older and saw all the negativity towards homosexuals and trans people, I was confused. How could people not understand that you cannot control the way you feel? Brains are curious things. Everybody’s works in a different way. We like to eat different things, different colours are pleasing to different people.

I’ve always been curious about these differences in people and wanted to learn more. I like trying to understand human behaviour and the things we do to try and understand the world. Acceptance is a large part of it, but so is asking questions. Trying to understand  is the process of learning, and being curious is the step that brings us there.

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