After discussing the means of having an audience, and expanding this audience through convergence media platforms, fellow students @Hannahragen and I joined Lauren Daisy on her youtube channel (which I’m pretty sure is her digital artefact- check it out, this chick is fooooneh). We had a bit of trouble with the topic for week 5 but this just forced us to discuss a whole lot of stuff that relates to audience. We mainly focus on Ellen. And then like slightly mention some other stuff.

Ellen is really the best example though- she has such a firm grasp on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and then all of the small games she plays on her show that forces both her physical audience and viewers at home to participate.

Anyways, here’s our YouTube video. Watch us have a yarn 🙂


  1. Such a good idea for a YouTube and something I haven’t seen done for this assignment. Great to get different views points as well rather than just the one. Didn’t know much about Ellen but after watching your video I checked out her social media pages and she definitely knows how to use them effectively.

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