After discussing how many stories in popculture belong to the category of a “transmedia narrative”– which, I didn’t really know what that was before, but nooooow… I realise that they’re literally everywhere. Everywhere.

Have a listen to my podcast in which I discuss a certain one in particular that ruined my life for a good year. Ignore how fast-paced my voice is as a result of large disgust and embarrassment. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “VAMPIRE MEDIA

  1. I really enjoyed your podcast! I’m writing this with a face slightly red with embarrassment, I also obsessed over Twilight. Not going to lie, I loved it and now I am mortified I went so far as to even have posters in my room! UGH. I just read this hilarious website about Twilight: you should check it out, it’s too funny. But you’re right Twilight is a perfect example of a transmedia narrative.

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