When we talk about remixing, it’s something we, as audiences, never fully unpack to its very core. I don’t think majority of internet users realise how often the parodies and memes they’re laughing at are some of the best examples of remix.
If we think about remixing on the surface, you think about the DJs that play in shitty clubs on darling harbour; they take some of your favourite songs and mash it up with a one liner from an early 80s song that you’ve never heard, and you manage to boogie down with it.
The site that offers the best examples of remix, from my personal experience, would have to be Tumblr. Tumblr users thrive on sick and twisted ways to make people “lose their shit”. Sometimes it’s not always sick and twisted, but just clever. That’s something Iv’ve learnt through exploring tumblr as my emerging social media platform: there are a lot of smart people on that site. Their sense of humour is what makes the farce remixes a possibility.

Here’s an example of one of my favourites, something I tweeted the other day:


This particular example of remix has quite a few layers. Firstly, there’s the image of Iggy Azalea in her film clip, Fancy. In this film clip, Iggy does a fairly close recount of the events and style in the film, Clueless— that’s our first understanding of remix here.
Then, some clever young individual on tumblr, took a screenshot from her film clip, and inserted a photoshopped image of Josh from the Nickelodeon series, Drake and Josh. They changed Iggy’s opening lyric of, “First thing’s first, I’m the realest,” and replaced it with “cooliest”, a term that Josh used in the series far too often.
Now, most of you probably didn’t need that deep analysis of this meme, most of you would have been able to sing that lyric, in Josh’s voice, and understood the joke within the first minute, granted you had any sort of childhood. But so many of you wouldn’t have unraveled the notion that this is indeed a product of remixing.
The ultimate question is: why are we doing this?
What do we, as internet users and media consumers, get from remixing different forms of pop-culture? Sure, most of it’s for entertainment value, but it’s such an amazing example of how audiences engage with stories and different narratives across mediums.

2 thoughts on “CHER TO IGGY TO JOSH TO LOL

  1. I enjoyed reading this as you’re meme example of a remix is very relevant to just how simple a remix can be. Sometimes remixes aren’t so obvious, and id like to know your thoughts?
    When a remix is obvious the message the producer is aiming to convey is clear and the audience will respond. I think DJ’s as an example is great, especially where they take an older well known song and make it into something completely new, and it either gives a special meaning to the song if the audience is aware of the remix, but if they aren’t, then its really just another song.
    I agree with you that entertainment and engagement is at the core of what remix is all about.

    1. I agree- a lot of the time they aren’t obvious. We did a lecture on this in CACS101 and that’s what really opened my eyes to the fact that examples of remix are all around us! Particularly in things like memes. People are really clever on the Internet with this type of thing

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