Everyone knows that their phone is a piece of crap. Not because of the type of phone it is, but most people suffer from the daily struggles of being a mobile phone owner;

– “Not enough storage space” when you go to take a fully sick video of Bastille playing at field day; “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!” You scream both internally and externally.
– “This accessory is not supported with apple” (if you’re an apple user; which, most of you are, let’s face it); “Well, what else am I supposed to use when every inch of plastic on your USB cord frays like there’s no tomorrow? HMMM APPLE?! HMMM?”
– “My phone just died”
“It’s 11:00 am?”
“Yeah? My phone just died. Give me your god damn charger, Carol”

So, these various issues are not only associated with all phone owners, but majority of them are linked to apple products. Why do majority of us consumers still buy them? Easy: they look crisp, glossy and beautiful. And they’re closed. There’s not a whole lot of fussing around with apple products, merely because you can’t really change anything. Sure, you can download applications that are personalised to your sense of self, but that’s about it. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll pay $2 on iTunes for a phat ring tone, but… You own an apple phone right? So, it’s most likely that you can’t afford a two-dollar ringtone, “Xylophone will have to do”.

If this kind of thing REALLY bothers you, you’re most likely an owner of an Android, one of apple’s biggest competitors. You’re able to personalise these phones to a much greater extent.

The real question becomes, not “do you own a mobile phone?”, but “what kind of phone do you have?”. And, let’s be honest here; if you don’t own an apple, most people find themselves explaining why they don’t: “Oh, uh, yeah the camera on my Samsung Galaxy is way better, that’s all”. You shouldn’t have to explain your gadget of choice to anyone, but hey, we love technology.


2 thoughts on “THEM GRANNY SMITH.

  1. THIS POST IS SO RELATABLE. And I totally agree with it! I can say I’m guilty of being a complaining Apple user, although I’d never use anything else now (don’t know why – just because?). Although, having had an Android phone in the past, I can also say that I hated it (again, I don’t know why) – it may have been the fact that I was the only one of my friends that didn’t have an iPhone by the age go 16 and I kinda think I may have been a little naive in high school back then.
    But still, you raise a really good question as to why Apple is so successful, if all we ever do is complain about it’s products! I mean, if we really thought they sucked, wouldn’t we have chosen differently by now?

  2. Oh my gosh, i love this post so much. Those scenarios are essentially an excerpt of my life- hmmmm… nothing beats the feeling of wanting to desperately film or photograph something only to have the phone complain it’s too full. Total annoyance.
    iPhone does administer a very sleek and easy to use monitor which creates accessibility for more people around the world which is why i think has led to it’s success. You know. Even the older generation. How often is it that you go to a mall and hear the “Old Phone” ringtone go off only to see 6 mums scurrying through their bags looking for their phones…

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