Copyrighting issues are something I almost never think about. We all automatically click the little box saying that we’ve read the terms and conditions, but chances are, not one of us did. The day I meet someone who can claim that they read every portion of those conditions, is the day that I meet my hero.

The emerging social media platform, Snapchat, has a lot to answer in terms of this. You might only be publishing current photos and videos for the people on your friends list, but with the matters of saving these, and then later sharing on other social media platforms, there comes a time when copyright issues must surely intervene.

Looking back at the video we watched last week in our BCM112 lecture, a guy gets in trouble for publishing a video with a song playing in the background that he has no rights to reproduce. Unfortunately, this is something majority of us take part in on a daily basis. Singing to one of your favourite songs in the car with your friends always feels like an iconic moment, but did it really happen if you didn’t snapchat it for everyone to see? Most of us are culprits of copyright within our on social media forms, and we don’t even realise it.

7 thoughts on “SNAPCOPY

  1. Really good outlook on copyright i never take notice on whats playing on the background of my snap chat either I’ve probably breached about 101 laws by now!
    maybe next time with your blogging you could include any scholar points of views or articles so there is a bit of references and links for readers to do further research from your blog 🙂

  2. Love this! I never even realised that I was breaching copyright laws by posting videos on snapchat with music playing 😐 you’ve opened a whole can of worms for me and I wish your post was longer so I could’ve kept reading

  3. This is such a real world approach to the copyright topic! I have never even thought to think that a simple Snapchat would so often be breaching so many laws. I love your meme too, it’s super appropriate! To improve your post, maybe you could include some scholarly sources etc to make it more…scholarly. Oh and I totally always read the terms and conditions, am I your new hero?

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