My opinion is wrong, but here it is anyways

Ah, the “public sphere”, a place where we can all discuss our opinions and exchange ideas. At the core of it, it’s a really great concept. Over the years there has been a shift from propaganda and how society thinks the media portrays people and ideas, to what society actually does with their usage of the media. Twitter, a newer form of social media takes flight with the notion of expressing ideas, opinions, concerns or brief encounters, with the strict limit of 140 characters. This really is quite clever; it prevents people from waffling on about nonsense and forces them to really get to the point of what they’re wanting to share with the people in their public sphere (their followers, their followers’ followers). It also opens these people up for harassment, however sometimes completely warranted. A few weeks ago, a young girl Gemma Worrall from Blackpool, England tweeted about “Baracco Barner” (her attempt at naming the president of the USA), thinking that he was in fact the president of her own country, and questioning his current involvement with Russia. Her tweet went viral overnight, resulting in her gaining tweets stating that she was the dumbest person in the UK and that she shouldn’t be allowed to breed. The public sphere is an open place for debate and controversy to be discussed, so when people start questioning the UK’s education system based on one woman’s lack of knowledge, the public sphere decisively grows and allows for the exchanging of anybody’s opinion, whether or not it’s valid or valued. That is truly the beauty of the mediated public sphere, it knows no boundaries and has no restrictions on who can commentate, it relies purely on members of the public—whether their opinion is valued or not.

2 thoughts on “My opinion is wrong, but here it is anyways

  1. I really like your page layout with the “add comment” section in bright green, it’s very easy to navigate. However, with the public sphere it can be argued that it is nothing more than an unobtainable goal due to the restraints that society imposes, with its boundaries consisting of needing an account, internet, computer and knowledge of the event in order to become a part of the ‘public sphere.’ Overall it is a very funny well written blog post, and does say a lot about how one post can change an entire perspective.

  2. Twitter is a great example of a public sphere. Well done on your example too. I think you could have given more insight into the issue which was shown by your example though, cyber bullying.

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