I’ll tell you what, and you better believe it




“The Media” is a very vast realm and to say who technically owns it as a whole, would be quite a statement. However, to say that Rupert Murdoch owns and controls majority of the media, would be deemed completely accurate. Anyone who has done any type of research or information digging on this man would be fully aware of where his political beliefs stand—primarily right wing. No one wants biased information aimed to persuade or brainwash them into a different direction, but that’s practically all that Murdoch supplies his readers with. The media is supposed to give us information about the world, in an interesting and open-minded matter, however it is very naïve of us to believe that this is how it’s done. Murdoch owns 175 newspapers, 35 TV stations broadcasting across the US, all of the FOX networks, 19 other regional sports channels, and more. With his monopoly, it’s not so hard to see how he’s gained the attention and understanding of his ideologies from his readers that he so clearly seeks out. An ideology is all about the way we imagine our world to be—depending on who dictates a certain area of the media, they have the power to bend and stretch whatever concept is being debated. Take global warming for example, most people are aware that it’s a rising issue and could greatly affect our future if we don’t take action now by restraining our energy usage and cutting down the production of fossil fuels. Murdoch likes to use his corporations to make society believe that it’s really not that big of a deal. Scientists have actually looked into many stories posted in News Corporation (Murdoch owned, of course) and stated that “Research has found more than 80% of stories on climate change from selected US News Corp outlets are “misleading” — and the problem seems to extend to Australia”. The many articles they looked into are just mere examples of Murdoch and his abuse of media power. To say who technically owns the media is extremely questionable, but I think it’s fair to state the Murdoch has a firm grasp on most of it’s production, and it’s very clear as to why this is a major problem for society.



2 thoughts on “I’ll tell you what, and you better believe it

  1. I definitely agree, it is scary to know that someone can have so much media power and authority in todays society particularly when it comes to something such as politics, or the topics that effect our environment such as global warming. There aren’t many different revenues when it comes to sources of our media, and this can potentially be a major problem for society as you have discussed! Great post 🙂

  2. Agree totally, I talked about a similar thing in my post. Leading up to the election last year there were 103 stories regarding it something like 50 were against labor and 3 against the coalition. The bias to the right is ridiculous. Anyway, great blog.

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