Social Media: A Cure or a Killer?

What are the media being blamed for today and is this justified?

“The Media” has been a growing development for decades now and its bad wrap has only increased over the years. While television programs, films, magazines and other various forms of mediums are buzzing and still creating some form of influence, it’s the new concept of “social media” that has really stolen the limelight. There’s no longer merely a media that places us in the position of an audience or viewer, but now we have become the artists. We have taken the digital paintbrush and used it as a tool to tell all of our fellow friends the minute details of our lives. The big question that looms over all of us is; Why? Why do we tell people what we’re doing and when we’re doing it, when they probably don’t care?

In an age where things like depression, eating disorders and other mental issues are glamourized, it’s safe to place the bet on labelling social media as a type of confidant. People are able to tell their friends on Facebook, sometimes people from high school or university whom they haven’t seen in over a decade, that they just went skydiving, ran late for work, that they’re engaged, pregnant or that there was a death in the family.

As social media users, we have found not only a way of communicating with our peers, but a vast world in which we can share our thoughts and fears. Sounds like a good idea? Well it certainly has its positive notes, but when mistreated and corrupted, social media introduces us to a world of cyber bullying. People have the freedom to leave nasty comments on your statuses, tag you in unflattering photos or send harassing messages. What started out as a form of artistic expression, a virtual therapist, a way of communicating with long-last pals, social media has practically refurbished what it sought out to destroy. In the last five years, the suicide stories we hear about on the news are largely blamed as an effect from severe cyber bullying. Is this something we should be blaming all the new and various forms of social media for? As I stated before, social media is a medium that is in our hands, it is within the public domain and control of the people in our society. The media cannot be blamed for the mistakes and corrupt behaviour of the people in our world; that is a much larger issue—the downfall of our societal manners. 

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